Monday, November 1, 2010


Wow....I was busy last week. These photos show my bisque beads that I made last week. They are made of white earthenware clay and raku. I fired these this past Saturday. I handformed 257 beads and pendants.

This shows my Fleur de lis Beads and Pendants. I have a new raised stamp. I can't wait to see the glazes on this. I have been using mainly stamped designs that are recessed. I think I will like the new stamp with the raised design. I put a glaze firing on today....can't wait to get these out of the kiln. I am still playing with my bumble bee colors. Also, tried some new things with the glazes....anyway...let me keep on task. I also have a larger heart cutter that I have used. Went to Michael's over the weekend and found some wonderful oval cutters and a larger 2" round cutter. Found these in the Cake Decorating section.

Here are some of my BEADS. In the middle look really close and you will see my one and only snowman!!!! I do believe he will be a lonely snowman....he took way too long to make!!! Bet he is gonna be too cute when he is painted.
As I said earlier in my rambling on....I put on a glaze firing today and will get everything out in the morning. I will show some of my new pieces when I get these.

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vintagebluestudio said...

Can't wait to see all the glazed pieces. I'm taking some bisque out of the kiln today and can't wait to get glazing.