Sunday, October 24, 2010


These are some new earrings I put on etsy.
They are made with my Handcrafted pottery beads.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This concludes our live OPEN STUDIO EVENT.
I would like to thank all of you that participated in this event.
Thanks to Marsha and Mary for all of their hard work.

Please continue to shop all of our BEADS OF CLAY Artisans and
their websites for their specials. The specials will continue
long into the evening although the live Event is now closed.

I will have 30% off my etsy site. Please click on the link to
the right of this post to go to my etsy shop. ----------------------->

My winners of my 2 giveaways are: Tesori Trovati and Colleen
Congratulations to you both. Please send me your mailing address
through my email so I may ship these out to you.

Clay Designs by glee website
BOC Blog


The winner of my 2nd giveaway is Colleen. Congratulations.
Email me your mailing address and I will get these shipped out to you.

Cake in a Cup

1 Angel Food Cake Mix
2 Boxes same flavor Cake Mix (ex. 2 boxes chocolate) in this recipe
(total of 3 boxes of cake mixes)
Mix these 3 boxes of dry cake mix in a gallon zip lock bag.
To make the cake: Place 1/3 cup of dry mix in a cup with 3 Tablespoons water,
mix well. Place in microwave for 1 minute. That's right.
1 minute. Take out of microwave and top with icing, ice cream,
cool whip or nothing at all. It is hot and yummy all by itself.

Hint: Use cake mixes with lots of flavor. Vanilla and butter flavors are
not as good. Use spice, carrot cake, chocolate, strawberry, etc.
I also tend to add a little more mix and more water. The more water you add
the moister it is and sometimes downright gooey!!!
This recipe was given to me by a friend, Nancy Grandaw, in Wisconsin. Thanks Nancy!!!

BOC Blog
Clay Designs by glee Etsy Site
30% off on my etsy site until midnight today, Sunday, October 24

2nd Giveaway

The winner of my 2nd giveaway is Colleen. Please
send me your mailing is on its way to you.

We're having fun NOW!!!!
This is my 2nd giveaway. A cross pendant and 2 coordinating beads. This pendant
is made from a mold that I created. The glaze is in a green/blue/brown.
Please leave a comment about this set for a chance to win.

Be sure to go to the participating artists to win their pieces as well.
Beads of Clay blog has the participants

Please visit my site until midnight tonight for 30% off on all items

Don't miss my next post. YYUUUMMMMYYY Cake in a cup Recipe!!!!

Welcome to My Studio

Wellllll, Actuallllyyy my studio is just about anywhere in
my house. I converted a bedroom into a workshop for my pottery and
jewelry making. Now you ask, "How is that working for me?"
HAHAHA!!! I do use it sometimes. I work alot in front of the TV
in the evenings so I may visit with my husband. During the day
I work at the Breakfast table to glaze the pottery. There are times
I will work in the Bedroom/Workshop on rare occasions!!!
This photo does show the Breakfast table. My husband wants to know
why do I not put it away everyday??? He just doesn't understand!!!!

Check out BOC Blog and see all participating artisans.

BOC Website:
Clay Designs by glee etsy site

1st Giveaway

The winner of my first giveaway is Tesori Trovati. Congratulations!!!
My husband pulled your name!!! Please send me your Mailing address.

This is my first Giveaway for today.
I have a Pendant with glass in terracotta and 8 beads.
Leave a comment on my blog and you might just win this.
Be sure to visit the BOC blog to see all participating artisans.
Go to my website to get 30% off all items. Link is to the right of this message.

Welcome to the BOC Blog Event

Welcome to BOC Blog Event. This should be a fun event for everyone.
Here is a schedule of what is happening on my blog and the BOC Blog.

1:00 Artist Introductions Live Open Studio Event Starts
1:45 1st Giveaway is open....leave a comment to win beads and pendant
2:00 Winner announced of 1st Giveaway
2:45 Welcome to My Studio...or part of it!!!
3:00 2nd Giveaway....leave a comment to win beads and pendant
3:30 Cake in a Cup Recipe...YYYUUUMMMMYYY!!!
3:45 Winner announced of 2nd Giveaway
4:00 Closing of Open Studio Event.
Please continue to shop our websites all evening for our shop

Please go to the BOC Blog for a list of all participating artisans">

Please be sure to go to my website ---> link to the right ---->
where I am offering 30% off all of my items listed here. Prices do reflect 30% off. If you are local and want your items picked up at June Bugs I will refund your shipping fees.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here is your chance on Sunday, October 24th, to join myself and the BEADS OF CLAY (BOC) members inside our studios via our Blogs. All members will be having giveaways on their blogs. You will have the opportunity to leave a message on our Blogs and win great pendants or beads.

Also, every member participating will have specials on their own personal website.
I have not decided on what discount I will offer....but you won't want to miss it.

This event will be Sunday, OCTOBER 24, from 1:00-4:00pm CST
For more information on this event go to

This photo shows one of my 2 giveaways during this event.
One is a pendant with 8 coordinating beads for you to create your own jewelry.