Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOOK WHAT I WON!!!! ~~Necklace by Marie Cramp~~

I couldn't believe it when I got the email that I had actually won this beautiful necklace made by Marie Cramp with Skye Jewels. The pendant was made by Martha at Menagerie Studio. Make sure you check out the photo that shows the backside of the is just as pretty as the front side. Marie and Martha both do absolutely wonderful work. Thank you both so much for a stunning necklace......AND IT IS ALL MINE!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here is the update of my metalsmithing journey. With some warmer weather down here in the south (the last week has been 65-75 degrees)our "Warehouse" where we are taking the classes are much more endurable. We just completed week 5 of our 10 week workshop. 3 of the classes have been freezing cold with RAIN!!!! Makes one very cold in an old warehouse without heat. BUT WE ARE TROOPERS AND WANTING TO LEARN ALL WE CAN!!!! So we go without complaint to learn to make MORE JEWELRY!!!! Enough of this......
This photo shows my bottom layer of the pendant which is on the left and is made of brass...and the right photo will be the top layer which is made of copper. The bird took 5 hours to saw and 12 blades....the leaves on the right took 1 hour and 50 minutes and only 5 blades...but whose counting???? Yes, I have improved~~~practice does make one PERFECT!!!! I SO WISH!!! I am such a wannabee!!!! hehe

Here is what the 2 pieces of metal will look once they are connected through a process of "cold connections". me...there is still lots of work to do on these two pieces before they are riveted. I have lots and lots of filing and sanding. AaRrrrGGGG!!!!! I need to be "Bewitch" so with a twinkle of my nose the not so fun things can be completed FAST FAST!!!!

Yes, this is so are my first 2 rings I have completed...well I do still have to polish up the metal...and then they will be completed!!!!
The one on the left is a cabachon that I made and the one on the left is a small dichroic cabachon I purchased. They are not perfect....but was so exciting to learn to make this!!!! The rings are made of brass. The base on the dichroic glass is copper. I like the contrast with the brass and copper on this one.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Earrings

So this is what I was up to later this evening. I received these antique brass components and much more than what is actually shown. It seems as though I have no time
to actually make JEWELRY I sat down and made these earrings. I will bring these to my bead shop and hopefully sell some for Valentine's Day!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Metalsmithing Workshop

Yes, it has been a long long time since I posted.....shame on me. I have been a busy girl. My newest journey in life is a metalsmithing workshop I started January 21st in New Orleans taught by Steven Donnelly. He is an excellent teacher!!!!!
I started metalsmithing 3 years back...but didn't learn much!!! I have worked with
metal in cold connections for the last 2 years. I always wanted to continue with the metalsmithing and the opportunity came up over the Christmas Holidays.
The ladies I go with to New Orleans is Sheila Smith and Chris Goulet. We have loads of fun finding new coffee shops and restaurants in the Marigny community (right on the outskirts of the French Quarters). I truly am learning more about New Orleans.....I think Marigny is New Orleans best kept secret....anyway, this week I will get pictures of the area and post to my blog.

In our workshop we have some ongoing projects to teach us the techniques.....the second project is what I am working on now. It is going to be a 3 layered pendant or broach....haven't decided yet.

I have sketched out a bird on a limb. You will see this on the first photo.....I still have the tracing paper glued to the design.

At this point I have only broken 12 blades....whooooohooo!!!! I might have set a record!!!

In this photo I have completed the second layer.....the cutting anyway. I will need
to file and sand the edges. This top layer is made of 18ga brass. The bottom layer will be made of copper. I will continue to work on this later tonight.....all the layers are suppose to be cut by Friday. Got alot of cutting still to do.