Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Here is the update of my metalsmithing journey. With some warmer weather down here in the south (the last week has been 65-75 degrees)our "Warehouse" where we are taking the classes are much more endurable. We just completed week 5 of our 10 week workshop. 3 of the classes have been freezing cold with RAIN!!!! Makes one very cold in an old warehouse without heat. BUT WE ARE TROOPERS AND WANTING TO LEARN ALL WE CAN!!!! So we go without complaint to learn to make MORE JEWELRY!!!! Enough of this......
This photo shows my bottom layer of the pendant which is on the left and is made of brass...and the right photo will be the top layer which is made of copper. The bird took 5 hours to saw and 12 blades....the leaves on the right took 1 hour and 50 minutes and only 5 blades...but whose counting???? Yes, I have improved~~~practice does make one PERFECT!!!! I SO WISH!!! I am such a wannabee!!!! hehe

Here is what the 2 pieces of metal will look once they are connected through a process of "cold connections". But...trust me...there is still lots of work to do on these two pieces before they are riveted. I have lots and lots of filing and sanding. AaRrrrGGGG!!!!! I need to be "Bewitch" so with a twinkle of my nose the not so fun things can be completed FAST FAST!!!!

Yes, this is so exciting....here are my first 2 rings I have completed...well I do still have to polish up the metal...and then they will be completed!!!!
The one on the left is a cabachon that I made and the one on the left is a small dichroic cabachon I purchased. They are not perfect....but still...it was so exciting to learn to make this!!!! The rings are made of brass. The base on the dichroic glass is copper. I like the contrast with the brass and copper on this one.


Yolanda M. said...

I'm very impressed, wow! They are beautiful together and can't wait and see the final product, keep it up! Rings are so cool.

Anonymous said...

GERRY!!! This is WONDERFUL!!!! Love the design with branches and birds!!! And rings are great!!! All thumbs up :) Thanks for sharing.

Jen V. said...

Hi Gerry! I was just over at the BOC blog and saw the cutest little birdie pendant...so I went hunting and found out that it's yours! So, now I'm all excited that I've found a new fun artist who also happens to be digging into metal. I'm working on my own metal exploration/mess and it helps to know that other folks get as excited as I do about coming up with "rough" pieces. Yours are fantastic, by the way....I'm jealous!!!
Take care

Gerry said...

Thanks ladies....yes, Jen, I am loving working with metal. I have done cold connections for over 2 years now. I took a class at the Bead and Button show from Mary Hettsmansperger (sp).
I have loved it ever since. Now it was time to take it to another level!!! It has been awesome!!!
Thanks to all for the encouragement!!!