Saturday, March 5, 2011


The winners of My Open Blog Event with the Beads of CLay are:::
The top pendant with the bluebird on the limb goes to ROCK CREEK CREATIONS.
The bottom pendant with the bird on the limb with branches around it goes
to MANEKI Congratulations to you both. Please send me your mailing addresses and I will get these out to you.

Here is what South Mississippi looks like today. The last 3 days have been raining. TOday it is cool, sunny and absolutely gorgeous out. This is the view of the lake outside of our backyard. The leaves are just beginning to put leaves on.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Make sure to go to my etsy shop
where everything has been discounted 20%. I will leave these prices good through Monday morning. Items may not be shipped out until Tuesday. Also, scroll to the bottom of this post and you will see the 2 pieces I am giving away to 2 lucky winners. All you need to do is leave a comment to be put in the drawing to win. Also, make sure to check all of the participants blogs and websites for their giveaways and discounts!!!
Thanks once again and have a great day!!!

State of My Studio
I absolutely could not show how my studio looks right now. It is literally upside down. So I choose to take the easy way out and show some molds and stamps I have created to help me in my work.

This photo shows some of the stamps and molds I have made to create my beads and pendants.

O.K. so where does my inspiration come from??? Great question. Not sure if
there is one SIMPLE answer. I cannot ever remember a time that I wasn't
making and or creating something. I have always loved being creative. Whether it
was sewing at age 9 or 10, cooking with my mom, crafting at school or in 4-H...
later I started painting in acrylics and then that led to watercolors. I have made pottery now since 2006. In painting I always saw making pottery, now I see everything as TEXTURE. What is really great is that now I can combine the love of bright colors with the textures in creating pottery pendants and beads. I find myself looking at everything as a way to use that object as texture in creating a new stamp or to use the object in stamping a design in a piece. The above photo shows some of the molds and stamps that I have made in order to create some of my pendants and beads. Most are made of clay. Some I have used sculpey to make the stamp. The yellow ones are molds made of rubber. I will in some future posts start showing how I am making some of these stamps and molds.

And last but not least....what everyone has been waiting for...
Yes, the two photos of the two little bird pendants will be my
2 giveaways to 2 lucky winners. The bird on the top is from a stamp that I handcarved and the one on bottom I just made the stamp from twigs and leaves and a metal bird ( part of a finding).
All you need to do is leave a comment in order to try to win. I will leave this open until around 6pm and then announce who won. Please leave me your email address
when you leave a comment. I have a special surprise for both of the winners....
If by some chance I have 20 or more comments, I will include an extra happy for each of the get out there and tell all of your friends to drop by and leave comments!!!!

Do not forget to go by the Beads of Clay Blog and check out all of the participants in this event.