Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to My Studio

Wellllll, Actuallllyyy my studio is just about anywhere in
my house. I converted a bedroom into a workshop for my pottery and
jewelry making. Now you ask, "How is that working for me?"
HAHAHA!!! I do use it sometimes. I work alot in front of the TV
in the evenings so I may visit with my husband. During the day
I work at the Breakfast table to glaze the pottery. There are times
I will work in the Bedroom/Workshop on rare occasions!!!
This photo does show the Breakfast table. My husband wants to know
why do I not put it away everyday??? He just doesn't understand!!!!

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TesoriTrovati said...

I have a studio and in this new space I have the computer. I really need to get a laptop so that I can have it near me while I bead, and so my kids don't get kicked off every time I want to use it (like right now). Thanks for sharing that glimpse into your creative life!

Aleksandra Micić said...

Hi Gerry! So glad to know about you. You just made me smile :) They just don't get it :) Thanks for telling your way around the house :) Love those colors of glazes that you use. Hope to see you around.