Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wire Work Earrings

Here are some metal earrings I have been making in the last couple of days.
The Top and Bottom image is Amazonite briolettes, Center is labradorite. All 3 have first been
wire wrapped. Then I have soldered fine silver to make a ring. The left and center images have both been hammered flat then stamped, then patinaed in liver of sulfur to give them a more rustic look. The bottom one has not been stamped or patinaed. It was tumbled to bring it to a brilliant shiney finish.


Yoli said...

omg... I want to learn this so much! just posted on my facebook that I will trade teaching ceramics if someone can teach me wire work.... no bites yet... lol,

Your birds are super cute Gerry! and I like your "about me (you)" history.

Gerry said...

Hey Yoli,
Yes, I love teaching the fusing of fine silver.
It really is super easy. I should be teaching a class soon for a necklace. I haven't taught it yet. You just need to come on down south for some southern hospitality and some workshops we have going on in my small little shop.