Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Pottery Pendants

These just came out the kiln. An assortment of pendants. Some are my first experiments with glass. I love working with the glass and the color combinations. It adds a little pizzazz to the pieces.


Work Of Our Hands said...

wanted to visit and encourage your new blog. ( I'm on the beads of clay e-mail list) These are cool. Do you just lay pieces of glass on top of the glaze?
I'm also doing low fire,( didn't I read somewhere you were also? ) but wonder if I need to do porcelain for durability? Anyway, I'm too lazy for another learning curve right now:)

Gerry said...

Hi, Thank you. Yes, I just lay the glass on the glaze while it is still wet so the beads/glass will stay on it. I am low firing so I have ventured out and will place the beads on my bead trees.....I do place something underneath to catch the glaze if it drips....but with low fire i haven't had any drip as of yet. Most of the pieces I do lay flat. It is really cool seeing the different patterns that it makes. Stay away from silverlined beads.....some dark colors don't come out as well either.....experiment!!!!