Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Technique

Wanted to try to create some pendants to resemble the PMC in the Bronze with my pottery in earthenware clay. This technique cuts down on the firing of the pieces.
1st - on bisque I painted the piece in a bronze metallic paint. 2nd - I dry brushed the pieces with purple and greens. 3rd - Sprayed with a matt acrylic spray to seal the pieces. I am satisfied with the colors. Process is easy!!!


Spirited Earth said...

i've used a metalic paint, on sculptures, that you can actually patina with acids,
some of the items are over 15yrs old and the "patina" has held up beautifully and looks just like aged bronze..

Gerry said...

Interesting.....would love to hear about more of this process. Is it on a clay base?

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous!